Lady Gaga Makes 10-Year Old Girl's Dreams Come True!


Maria Aragon, the now infamous 10-year old sweetheart from Canada, has become quite the superstar after Lady Gaga watched her charming cover of her song, "Born This Way". After a long and hard day, Lady Gaga came across this video and was moved to tears as she watched Maria's rendition, filled with child like wonder and innocence.

Watching her sing this song, it just goes to show the power of a young girl's voice, how her song can uplift and empower even one of the world's biggest pop stars. With over 9 million views, the inspiring and talented young girl has won the world over. It is so inspiring how a young girl has been given the opportunity to nurture her passion for singing and performing, and how her dreams will now become a reality: she will sing a duet with Gaga herself onstage at Lady Gaga's Toronto concert in March!

We support the dreams of young girls like Maria, and it is our dream to see other young girls have the same passions and opportunities to make their hopes come true.

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