Our Special Guests @ the Polo Grounds, Teen GirlsClub

We had the honor of having two wonderful ladies visit us at the Polo Grounds, Joy Solomon, a meditation expert and yoga teacher, and Caitlin Fiss, a women's health doctor . Our program started with the girls telling our guests what exactly they do in girls clubs,  but also shared a fun thing about their week. Our girls then took part in a meditation.

The girls found this experience at first very difficult to focus, but after a couple of times, their focus was found, and the end result was a sense of tranquility. Thank you so much Joy! You really helped us learn about how powerful our minds can be.

Caitlin then began to speak with the girls about what exactly they knew about women's health. The girls were very educated on their health, but were eager with questions to further their knowledge. We were shown many ways to preserve our health and take good care of ourselves. We stressed the importance of maintaining good physical health, as it contributes to our mental and emotional well-being as well. When we change the world, we need to be as healthy as we can be, so we can give our all to others. Maintaining our health is a form of self-love, and we need to be as knowledgeable as possible about how to love and care for ourselves better. As the saying goes, change starts with us.







Thank you Joy and Caitlin for your valuable visit to our Harlem Girls Club!