The Birth of Another Litworld Girls Club in Bungoma, Kenya!


A Message from Rose Mureka, Girls Club Facilitator at Bungoma Kenya:

This came as a surprise and a blessing to these girls in a small village school. Lubunda Primary School, in Bungoma, Kenya is where our new LitWorld girls club was born, a club embraced by teachers and pupils of the school. It was all cheers, laughter, and smiles during the opening ceremony as we launched the club in the school early this year. We began our sessions last year on a slow note, but we are up to go this year!

This is a reserved community where girls suffer in silence. They have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders by the time they step in school, thus regarding themselves mature and ready to be parents even as early as 12 years old. They sighed to know that they have someone to give them an ear, no dying in silence anymore!

They have been using torn pieces of rags during their monthly periods and to them, it's embarrassing to talk about it. They are all receiving sanitary pads every month from LitWorld girls club sponsors now! They think Pam Allyn is heaven sent. Some of these girls are not able to communicate in English in Sixth and Seventh grades! They don't have story books in the school, let alone a library!

We hold short sessions twice a week and am greatly impressed by the progress. They are slowly learning to appreciate the power of words and are looking forward to joining the world in celebrating the read aloud day by reading a short story I borrowed from a friend!


Thank you so much Rose, for all your great work. We look forward to hearing more from the girls in Bungoma, Kenya!