Baguio City's First Girls Club Meeting

Reported by Crystal Catalan, Girls Club Facilitator in Baguio City, Philippines:


“Magandang hapon sa lahat!(Good afternoon everyone!)” And so officially began the Girls Club in Baguio City, Philippines. On Saturday, March 12th, we were able to officially launch the Girls Club, with the high school girls who are members of the NGO, Save Our School Children Foundation, Inc. At our first meeting, we had 15 excited and enthusiastic girls! Beginning our day with our energetic “Hello” song, the girls were able to learn each others’ names, think of creative adjectives, and help each other out with fun gestures! 

After introducing ourselves to each other, we read the poem, “All We Want Is Peace (Please)” by Gordon David and processed the meaning of peace in our lives.  We brainstormed ways that we could bring peace to those around us, in our homes, at our school, when spending time with our friends, and when in the presence of people who we have difficulties with. We ended this time by agreeing to bring examples of ways we were peacemakers this week, to our next meeting.

We had a great time exploring and understanding the 7 Strengths, as well as defining what the 7 Strengths meant to each one of us. After a thorough discussion, the girls started making their collages and included the Strength that they wanted to especially focus on during our Girls Club sessions:

Girls Club in Baguio City had a great time and is looking forward to communicating with other Girls Clubs around the world! Salamat po! (Thank you!)