Our Vision: A Girls Club in Every Country, Every City

Throughout the world, 774 million people are illliterate, and 2/3 of that number are women.

Because of this, one of our biggest programs is our LitWorld Girls Clubs for Literacy, a reading and writing program that empowers young women to tap into their extraordinary strengths and meet their personal needs.

This year, we want to expand our program to different parts of the world
. LitWorld staff provides training (via Internet video conference) and fully supports new partners as they launch this program.

LitWorld Girls Clubs for Literacy provide support, mentorship, and a safe space for girls to learn. The program allows girls to connect and become part of an international network of young women, encouraging a global perspective and a global connection. We currently have 20 Girls Club sites worldwide in countries including the United States, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, Iraq, and the Philippines.

We would love to include your country and your city on our list. If you are interested in starting a LitWorld Girls Club for Literacy, please email us at girlsclubs@litworld.org. Together, we can create a safe, supportive world for all girls.

To donate to LitWorld's Girls Clubs for Literacy, please see our Global Giving Site HERE.

To learn more about LitWorld's Girls Clubs for Literacy, please visit the Girls Club link HERE.