The Girls Club at JFK Elementary School in Port Chester, NY is still rolling!

By: Facilitator Alyssa Dudzik

In the past two sessions, the group has excitedly read aloud "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" by Grace Lin.  Using their creativity, each girl created their "own endings" to the story based on what they learned about the plot, characters, and illustrations in their Girl Clubs notebooks!  The club then went around and shared their own endings, chock full of exciting tales filled with dragons, bravery, and true love.  The JFK girls loved this book so much that they planned to read this chapter book aloud for 5 minutes each week so they can hear the ending Grace Lin chose.

The girls also continue to work on their Seven Strengths posters!  Of all the strengths, (Confidence, Compassion, Sisterhood, Curiosity, Belonging, Esteem, Hope), these girls almost all chose HOPE as their favorite!   After brainstorming what each of the seven strengths mean to them, the girls paired up and wrote words and drew pictures for each strength on bright yellow paper.  Their poster will proudly be featured at LitWorld's fundraising Gala in May!