Baking @ the Polo Grounds and Nina’s 1st Appearance

Our Thursday Girls Club made Yummy treats for both themselves and the staff at the community center!




Imani, Tati, and Vanessa with the help of Nina (in the back) worked on making rainbow cakes with vanilla icing. 







The other ½ of the group made delicious chocolate chip cookies. The picture below is of the of the tough but well needed mixing being done.


 While waiting for the treats to bake, we spoke about what the girls liked to eat, and also what they commonly ate at home. The girls realized that there were a lot of different foods being made among their group, some foods that they had never heard of before!. They spoke to us about how much more fun it is making the treats themselves, establishing a great sense of community among each other. Nothing can bring people together like food can! Eating together, learning together. We love our Girls Club community.