Actress Naomi Harris on Playing Teacher Jane


We here at LitWorld are proud to partner with the team of The First Grader movie in helping them launch their incredible film about an 84 year old man fighting for his right to read and learn, even if it means being in a classroom of six-year old students. Here in this article, actress Naomi Harris talks about her journey playing the role of "Teacher Jane", and the importance of girls education:

"One of the many challenges for these children is maintaining a focus on education because so many of them are called to work. For young girls especially, it's incredibly important for them to receive an education early on as they're likely to be pulled out of school at 13 or even younger to marry. And in all likelihood, it is these girls who will educate their own children. Those thoughts circled my mind, when the students, like little Susan, who had the most striking eyes I'd ever seen, would gently hold my hand." - Naomi Harris

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