Video: Girls Club in Baguio City Read Global Poem for Change

Our Girls Club in Baguio City, Philippines celebrate Poetry Month by creating a group poem for the Global Poem for Change! We love their piece! Watch them recite their work below:

I send my words out into the air, listening for yours from everywhere,

I send my words into the air, thinking that you’ll be here.

My words are saying meaningful things, that you can carry everywhere.

I send my love to everyone, just so no one will feel alone,

For it’s my way to express it.

And watching you from everywhere.

A beautiful paper floating outside, having ideas that people can’t hide,

It’s a great day I feel today,

Hoping that all of us will be okay.

Have a great smile today to have good luck coming your way!

Thinking that you’ll be away makes me sad,

To know what you want and what you need

Thinking what would happen next, and it gives me reason to live again,

The rushing cold breeze shall send you what I feel.

For this session (on Curiosity), in honor of National Poetry Month, I introduced the Global Poem for Change to the girls, and then had each one of them write a line to add to the poem. After everyone had completed writing their lines, I separated the girls into two groups: the first group organized the first seven lines to form one half of their poem, and then the second group completed the poem with the final seven lines, and did the final check for the newly created poem. The girls then altogether read the poem aloud to see if they liked it, and they did! So here is the final poem. The girls felt proud to be able to accomplish this altogether, and I think they were surprised to hear and see it all come together! Enjoy!

- From Baguio City Girls Club Facilitator, Crystal Catalan