Girls Club Kibera Visit A Children's Home

The LitWorld Girls Club in Kibera took a trip to a children's home that bears an apt benevolent name - New Life Home Trust. The centre, located a few miles away from the sprawling Kibera slums, hosts abandoned kids, most of whom are HIV positive.

It is in this centre that the children get the enviable opportunity to have what is closest to them as a normal upbringing, to help them cope with their otherwise difficult circumstances. Their backgrounds and life stories are shared here, giving them the strength and hope they so much need amid the wish that they will one day be adopted into new families in order to get the parental and sibling love that they so desperately need.

The girls from LitWorld Girls Club joined the children at this centre as they went on their daily activities, played with them and helped with their feeding. The bright looks on the excited kids’ faces told it all – they had a marvelous time and such visits does a lot to boost their morale and undoubtedly their physical, mental and spiritual health.

The girl’s club too, living up to their credo, left with new experiences firmly etched in their minds. It was an opportunity to give back to the community by spending time with those who needed their love most.

At the end of the day, as the compassionate girls trooped back to take their transport home, it was evident that their handlers were keen to do this again –soon.

Written by Jeff Okoth, from our partner at the Children of Kibera Foundation