Special Guests of Our Summer Girls Club in Harlem

This summer, we shaked things up a bit with our Harlem Girls Club: we decided to hold them at the HueMan bookstore, inviting new Girls Club members to join us. We've also had special guest speakers visit us each week, powerful female role models who have inspired and ignited the girls to think big, follow their passions, and lead.

Check out some of our special guests:

Deborah Gregory, creator and author of The Cheetah Girls:

A successful author who has built an empire of books and multiple films, Deborah Gregory came in to talk with the girls about her childhood history as a foster child, and her moments as a teen finding solace in the Bronx Zoo, where she would sit and write next to- you guessed it- the cheetahs. She spoke about books and reading as her escape, and encouraged the girls to journal, as it helps us all process the human experience.

Karen Tom, Editor and Writer:

Karen Tom, a poet by nature, was committed to making it as a full-time writer. During her earlier years, she edited an anthology of teen poetry entitled "Angst", which one of the girls had read previously! These days, she makes a career doing something she loves: writing horoscopes. While horoscopes don't come up instantly when you think of having a writing career, she certainly makes a great living out of it, penning horoscopes for big magazines such as Teen Vogue, and guest starring on the Tyra Banks Show.

Elvita Dominque, LitWorld Board Member:

Elvita Dominique is a member of our Board, a former attorney, and now does work with New York's court systems. She came in to speak to the girls about preparing for college (how to choose the right one, what one needs to do in the present moment to prepare) and what it takes to lead a successful college career. We also spoke about the importance of nurturing our friendships with women, having a strong female network, and the necessity of uplifting other women through sisterhood.

It has been an inspiring summer, and the girls have been learning and growing more and more each week. I am excited to share our grand finale for our summer girls club session next week!