Children of Kibera Foundation March for International Day of the Girl!

It was an exciting day at the LitWorld girls club, Kibera Nairobi as we joined others around the globe to commemorate the stand up international day of the girl, this 22nd September 2011.

The occasion begun with a procession from the local authorities, office accompanied with a band which led the enthusiastic crowd of 150 through the streets of Kibera. Girls from different groups, schools and organizations came together to celebrate this special event.

Through this remarkable function, girls increase their awareness on the scope and power of opportunities and choices and the effects of empowerment. Together we stood up for the girl and her right to quality education.

We are grateful for the support towards a successful realization of this modest endeavor and the girls are happy to share their views with friends around the world.

Written by our wonderful friend at Children of Kibera Foundation, Jeff Okoth.