The Kibera Girls LitClub: Showcasing Our Personal Identities

“Hello there, how are you,
 it’s so good to see you
we’ll sing and be happy
that we are all here together again!” 

The tunes of this popular welcome song filled the room as the girls, smiling ear to ear, hugged and patted each other at the beginning of yet another Girls LitClub session. A strong sign of sisterhood.

After the warm pleasantries, the girls got down to ‘business.’ Sisterhood is a salient pillar in the Girls LitClub. To strengthen this bond further, the girls engaged in an identity web activity: every girl wrote down three nouns that she felt described her best. Later on, everyone had the opportunity to share with the group, and realized that they had so much in common. We drew connecting arrows to attributes we had in common on a big flip chart. 

Next, the girls got to read aloud from their all time favorite book, Beauty and the Beast, which taught us so much about the power of imagination. The characters Lumiere, Chip, and Armoire were charming and beautiful, with personalities all their own. Just like all the wonderful LitClub girls. 

We ended the session with our praise circle. The girls felt proud, and valued for their participation in the community.

--Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Prisca