Bitter-Sweet Celebrations and Goodbyes in Kibera

It was a bitter-sweet moment at the Kibera Boys’ LitClub on the 18th of November during the year end party. We were celebrating the successes of this year, and at the same time bidding farewell to those members who will be joining high school next year.

Looking back at the activities we had engaged in; everyone had a reason to smile. The games we played, the songs we learned, and the unforgettable LitWorld Summer Camp. The celebrations started with friendly competitions between the boys and girls. We had a spelling be, a "tomato race" and a dance-off! The children danced their hearts out and enjoyed every moment on the dance floor. 

Finally, it was time to give closing remarks. Some were painful as the outgoing members wished the others a peaceful stay and prosperous club sessions next year. “We will miss the moments we shared but the time has come for us to say goodbye and thank you all for everything we went through at the LitClubs,” said Diana. “I am now a LitClub Ambassador and from now onwards, I will spread the Seven Strengths. A big thanks to the LitWorld community for helping me reach this far in terms of character development and the Children of Kibera Foundation for bringing us this family that today I have to say goodbye to,” remarked Eric. We hope to have even a more adventurous season next year.

--Submitted by LitClub Facilitator Jeff