The Girls LitClubs of Kisumu Hold a Week of Community Action

This week the Girls LitClubs in Kisumu, Kenya participated in a week of community action. The events kicked off with a little bit of anxiety, as the activities scheduled for this week are “a first of their kind!” However, the LitClub members set off fearlessly with lots of excitement, their cheerful girls’ voices rang through the air.

The Ogwodo Primary School LitClub chose to focus on a cleaner community. They recited a poem on the importance of maintaining cleanliness within our environment at the local trading center, and proceeded to the market area to pick up rubbish! The girls left the area spic and span.

Meanwhile, the K’Odhiambo Primary School Girls LitClub set off to share stories with the patients of the Masogo Health Center. They brought smiles and gifts of fresh fruit.

At Amilo Primary School, The mud from recent downpour did not stop the LitWorld Members from visiting the marginalized members of the community. The girls hopped, skipped, and jumped between houses to bring joy, and sing songs with as many community members as possible.

By the time we were done, the high spirits and the feeling of gratification that surrounded the members could not go unnoticed.

This week’s activities were used to emphasize the Seven Strengths of Hope, Belonging, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Courage and Curiosity.

LitWorld, Thank you for opening our eyes to the community around us!

--Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Golda