Even the Little Things Create Big Change


LitWorld Girls Club is engaged in activities revolving around seven strengths, i.e. compassion, sisterhood, confidence, hope, curiosity and self esteem. Through various activities modeled around these strengths, the girls are able to learn and play together in a safe environment removed from their difficult backgrounds at home. Our girls however do not simply view themselves as underprivileged victims in a tough society. They recognize that they are young leaders with the power to effect changes in the community too.

Being away from their old neighborhoods strengthens their resolve to do the little they can to make a difference where it matters most. Last Sunday, the girls took a walk around their club surroundings in a group interactive activity that enabled them to point out anything that they felt was undesirable in their environment. From illegal and low-hanging power lines to carelessly disposed garbage, murky streams of water laced with sewage and human waste dotting the alleys; the problems were many and glaring.

They also helped come up with different suggestions on how their neighborhood can be improved. They then came together and discussed on how they could bring change and find a solution to the issues they had noted. Since most of these issues mentioned were not things they could immediately solve, they decided that
change must start with them so they took up and acted on one task that all could immediately perform. This was to collect all the rubbish they could lay their hands on and dispose of it correctly.

They were excited to take up this activity and were pleased with the successful work they had accomplished. At the end of the day, all the girls celebrated the 13th birthday of one of the club’s dedicated members, Diana. Their efforts to clean up the surroundings of the school for the day were truly the icing on the cake!

Thank you Prisca, for an empowering entry. We are proud of you and your Girls Club!