Passionate Discussions of Peace with Girls LitClub Jerusalem

 Submitted by Leah, Girls LitClub Facilitator in Jerusalem:

This past week there was a terrible criminal act of hatred at the Hand in Hand school. Last Tuesday night, extremists spray painted “Death to Arabs” across the walls of the school. The school’s poignant response can be read here:

This week our Girls LitClub focused on the girls’ personal emotional responses following an attack such as this and what messages the girls would like to respond with. We spoke at length about the importance of dialogue, confronting hatred, and our personal responsibility to change this kind of violent thinking.

This week’s project began with a simple question, “If you could send the world a message, what would it be?” From here we dove into passionate discussion about Israel, politics, peace, hope, and our dreams for the future. The girls had 20 minutes to create their own “graffiti” posters to share their own messages with the world. Messages such as, “Wars are ridiculous, no one wins!” “We are a piece of peace” “Shoot in video games, love in life” “Believe” and “We will overcome.”

The girls wanted to share a few of their posters with all of you: