Every Moment is an Opportunity to Learn

This Sunday afternoon, we had special visitors from Uweza Foundation journalism club: Rebecca, Christine, and Diana are all high school students who believe in doing positive things that impact positively on their peers and community. 

Reading and writing is an important part of what the girls at LitWorld Girls LitClub are taught, they nurture ideas on how to express themselves. This is an important part of the journalism club as well. It is not all fun and games, but also an interactive and enlightening experience for the girls, especially those that are aspiring to be journalists.

The girls were very involved and were very welcoming to our guests, sharing what they did during their girls club sessions and also having the guests share what they normally do in their club during their weekly sessions. We are definitely looking forward to continuing this newly formed friendship.

*Submitted by our Girls LitClub facilitator in Kibera, Kenya, Prisca