The First Ever LitWorld Camp in Kibera!


For five days at the end of August, the Girls LitClubs in Kibera were inundated with a series of fun activities. LitWorld and their wonderful partners The Cook Book Project and The Peace on Earthbench Movement were present to share their amazing projects with the young girls.

The team from LitWorld, Leah and Madison, conducted sessions that aimed at cultivating literacy skills. The girls did some really exciting activities, making a wall mural, writing stories, and a skype call with The Story Pirates a group of actors in New York who were amazing! The girls would create original stories, and then the Story Pirates would act them out! The girls also made Stand Up for Girls posters. This is a campaign that aims at empowering the girl-child all over the world.

The Peace on Earthbench Movement (POEM), an organization that empowers communitities to repurpose their trash into a building material, learn natural building techniques, and then create a communal gathering area, shared their project with the girls. The founder, Brennan Blazer, collected trash with the children, and used the trash to build an earthbench. The children enjoyed the activity throughout the week, and feel proud of the end product, our Kibera earthbench.

The third group was lead by Alisa and Adam, founders of the Cookbook Project, taught and trained the girls on healthy eating and good nutritional habits. The organization uses experiential food culture and cooking programming to help people make the connection between food, health, and sustainability. They helped the boys and girls to revisit their traditional culinary techniques to prepare good food. They also conducted games that informed everyone on the origin and nutritional content of different foods, which the girls really enjoyed.

On the last day of the camp, the girls had a talent show. This gave them a chance to showcase their talents and share with others their unique abilities. The Kibera LitWorld Camp was an incredible success, with amazing attendance, and engaging activities. All of the girls made new friends, had a lot of fun, and learned a whole lot. We can't wait for the next camp that will be bigger and better!

 --Submitted by Girls LitClub Facilitator Prisca