Author Christopher Myers Visits the Kibera Innovation Hub

We had an absolutely lovely time yesterday when Christopher Myers came by. He came to the hub in the afternoon and had an amazing read aloud with third grade class from the Red Rose school. He read his book H.O.R.S.E and the kids were so thrilled by how much you could use your imagination to do stuff, even play basketball! They asked many questions, from how he is able to draw and write, to what his favorite food is and what shoe size he wears. 

We then had a more serious chat, and Chris explained to the kids how important it is for them to write their very own stories, because they are the only ones who can tell them the best. He came up with a fantastic idea where the kids will be writing their own stories (including stories about Kibera) and kids from New york will also write their own stories. We will share them with each other and even publish them. Everyone was very excited about this. He also gave the kids a drawing lesson, and even drew one of them! He finished his visit by donating some of his wonderful books which he autographed specially for the Red Rose kids.

After an amazing time at the hub, we took Chris for a visit to the Power Women Moms LitClub. The women were very receptive and shared song and dance with Christopher - we got to see his "moves!" He donated more of his wonderful books!


We had a great time with Christopher and are already looking forward to his next visit

--Submitted by Maureen, LitClub Leader