Learning to See - Strengthening Visual Literacy at the Broadway Housing LitClub

To dream big, sometimes we have to start small. Dreams, after all, are a part of our imaginations, our mind's way of taking the things we simply see and molding them to be parts of our story. At LitWorld our definition of literacy includes reading, writing, listening, speaking and visual literacy. We are such a visual generation, constantly inundated with images, but sometimes we forget to slow down with our visual consumption. We forget how to see. We forget that with the small details we can build a beautiful picture.

During LitClub this week at Broadway Housing, we discovered what it takes to build curiosity through an activity called "Picture Prompts." Take a look at the photo below. What do you see?

Do you see a jilted former employee exiled from the Wonka factory walking away in shame? Or perhaps an old lonely man looking for a good slice of beach to sleep on alone? Maybe the man has just unfortunately discovered that the public shower has run out of water?

Before the teens came up with these creative answers, we started with the basics of seeing. We asked them to answer "What do you see?" on the most literal level. The words water, concrete, metal, man, old, black clothing, clouds and sky are examples of what we compiled. With our lists of words, the Broadway Housing LitClub then transformed this picture from "what we see" into a story we tell.

--Natasha Rivera, LitWorld Intern and LitClub Facilitator