The Golden Girls Foundation Kisumu LitClubs Share Stories About Rainy Season

It was another great week for The Golden Girls Foundation Girls LitClub. We had a week of mentoring sessions with the girls wherein the girls shared stories of how they meet their day to day challenges to come to school.

Some of them talked of the long distance they have to cover, the rough terrains and sometimes the challenges that Mother Nature poses with the weather. Currently, it is the rainy season and the girls are juggling between waking up early, helping in the field with planting, and then running to school while wading through the puddles of water to ensure that they reach school on time.

However they told their stories in such an amusing, lighthearted way, that they ended up cracking our ribs with laughter. At the end of it all we were in high spirits. All these challenges having been shared with other girls instilled the spirit of sisterhood and belonging among the girls.

--Submitted by Golda, Girls LitClub Leader in Kisumu, Kenya