Ceinode Ghana

Girls LitClubs in Ceinode Ghana Create Heart Maps

Our day 3 meeting began with the hello song as usual. The check- in question for this week asked that the girls recount and share one funny thing that happened to them this week. Each girl had a very fascinating moment to share. This moment of sharing was another interesting time for the club, as the girls could not help laughing when any of them shared her funny experience.   

I introduced belonging to the club as the strength around which the day’s work will be centered.  Girls shared very inspiring ways belonging can be realized as individuals, at the club level, and as communities at large. The read-aloud poem was introduced and read together. In a discussion, the girls mentioned stars, night, faces, eyes, people, and darkness as some of the images that came to mind as they read the poem. 


The heart maps were the writing activity for the day, and this kept the girls busy in an exciting mood as they carefully, but excitedly, sketched out their hearts on paper, noting what occupies the biggest place in their hearts.

We then created a chart of all the different ways the club belongs to the different groups and people in their families, communities and the world. The day ended with a review of the day’s work, then we said goodbye and promised to see each other next week.  


A special thank to our Girls Club Facilitator at Ceinode Ghana, Emefa, for submitting these photos and this entry!