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Girls LitClubs in Kibera Speak of Hope

This post was shared by Kibera Girls Club facilitator, Prisca:

The LitWorld girls club has finished their first topic of hope. They read a poem by Sir Chinmroy -talking about us coming together to help erase the madness and sadness of the world. This was followed by a discussion, and the girls shared as a group what the poem meant to them. Joyna wrote; “The actions of the people in the world cannot be controlled until people come together in a group and solve the problems that they have.”

We also explored music as a form of expression. The girls listened to the song “I Believe” by Princess. This girl is very special in Kenya, as she embodies the fight against cancer at 14 years old. She is a cancer patient and the most vocal advocate for treatment to all cancer patients in our country. After, the girls got to write a poem or song of their own about their hopes for the world.

By Spencer Awour:

I only hope for one thing,
If only the world would let the girl child have her rights,
My world you should consider the girl child as a human,
Please! Please! Fill her with respect, always talk good to her.

Do not think that only the boy child should have a right to education,
Most of the girls are street girls, they are not educated
They should be educated so that they may fill the world
If only my hopes does not come in to reality, then I hope The girls too would have to say no to abuse and say yes to girl child education

And so there they should have to change the world
Start a new world full of educated girls.