Global Poem for Change

A Poem By Sona Traore

Sona Traore is a young Liberian woman who wrote this heartfelt poem in spirit of last month's Global Poem for Change. The poem, entitled "Hope", is a call for us make this world better for the future. We thank Sona for her beautiful words that speak to us all: 

Why can’t we be ourselves?
Why can’t we be humble?
What type of world is this?
You can say whatever you feel,
You can say whatever you like,
Even when it’s not right.
Many are losing their lives every day and night
Cause they are fighting for their right.
What is going to happen to me, do I have a future?
What is my answer to a broken heart?
Cause my eyes are getting red.
My shirt is getting wet cause the pains never seem to stop.
Is this going to end or is this a start to a life of pain?
I don’t seem to be proud of this world.
Why do we get to live this life?
Are there saviors to protect us from bad senses of humor?
We need a humble hearto start from somewhere
And change the world into a better place.
Let’s help save our world and children around the globe.
Start a new home for those who feel alone,
 People of the world this is our time to build more room for the future generation.
Let’s do this.

Girls Club Kensington Add to Our Global Poem for Change


As you may know by now, we at LitWorld are celebrating Poetry Month! We are using Naomie Shihab Nye's Line to get started: I send my words out into the air/Listening for yours from everywhere. The Girls Club at Kensington each added their own lines to make a collective contribution to our Global Poem for Change!

These words send peace 
Love and care
It also flows
Through the air 
The sky is beautiful 
Sometimes blue or gray
No matter what color it is 
Like our words, it will always be everywhere
These words are yours
These words are mine
These words are for everyone
No one is alone and everyone is a part of this rhyme
Words can express many things
Tick, Tock the bells are going to ring
So happy that I'm loved
I feel like a dove
My words express my heart
It also can be used to express my art
Inspiration comes from the world
Sometimes it takes so long
But I will wait here
Patiently for the words to come