News 12

Our Brooklyn Girls Club in Kensington is Featured on News 12!

Kiara getting her interview with reporter Alecia Reid

Last week, our vibrant girls club from the Kensington School was interviewed by Brooklyn News Outlet, News 12, and were featured on television! The girls did a remarkable job being interviewed, and made us proud as they poised themselves on camera as the well-spoken young ladies that they are. Our executive director Pam Allyn, and staff members Jen Estrada and Ruby Veridiano joined the girls in their first television debut, making for a fun and exciting school day. Thank you to reporter Alecia Reid, for coming out to the Kensington School and interviewing our young ladies!

The girls with our staff and reporter Alecia:

Mariely getting her interview!

Pam Allyn with our girls:

Saima showing off her heart map:

The girls are having too much fun!