Day 3: Beverly Hills

Today was action packed with much adventure, excitement and learning for all.  Due to the time and my exhaustion, I am going to limit this post to 3 major events, not in any particular order...

First I want to share that my wonderful friend Benta has had another baby!!  You may remember her as the HIV positive mother of 2 year old Craig David.  She has also opened a school for HIV positive mothers and their children called the Hope School which we will be visiting tomorrow, our last day of LitWeek.  Benta is a role model for overcoming all odds and letting the miracles in life guide you.  Congratulations to Benta, Craig David and Baby Beverly Hills!!  Welcome to the world!!

Second I want to say that I am incredibly humbled by the work we have been doing.  Our reflection question today was:  tell us one thing that you are still thinking of that can inform our work for next time.  The answers were thorough and thoughtful, and they will guide our planning for many sessions to come.  I am looking forward to planning our future with the teachers of Kibera!

Lastly I want to leave my readers with a recess dance party at Red Rose School.  Please enjoy!!


[wpvideo u1jxWitb]