The Red Rose Blues

The work at Red Rose finished for the week in dramatic fashion. Starting with a great lesson led by the Red Rose teachers with back-up by the LitWorld team integrating the teachings of the week. They all stepped up and did it right and did it well. Annie’s planning and leadership this week were brilliant, and Jen and Lucas carried the days with superb modeling and coaching. This work will stick.

Followed by a meeting of the Girls’ Club, where they talked about how they now have a place they can talk about things with Teacher Rose that they cannot discuss about anywhere else. A place they can communicate with other girls about these things, to create a support network at school and in their community. A place that is their sanctuary.

Followed by the finest End of National Exams celebration I have ever attended in my life, with singing, dancing, drumming, storytelling, and the most fabulous rendition imaginable of one story the LitWorld team worked with them on during the week. We reciprocated their gift of music with our own, showcasing the heart and soul of American music with an original number we wrote for them: The Red Rose Blues. Lucas then formally presented his guitar to the school as a gift and the place went wild.

We exchanged other gifts and mutual thanks, gathered our belongings, and walked through the open door of the metal gate, hitting our head one more time on the low overhang.