Pam at the Alderman Conference Today

We had an early morning today, with everyone rising to see Pam speak at the Peter C Alderman 4th Regional Conference on Psychotrauma that happened to be in Nairobi while we were here. We were lucky enough to have Brenda, our Girls Club facilitator at Red Rose join us for the event, where a packed house was enthralled by Pam's words on using story in post conflict and low resource countries to develop LitWorld's "Seven Strengths" and build resilience. It was great to see an audience full of doctors and security personnel and community workers who initially seemed skeptical about the relevance of a talk about literacy at a mental health conference become so fully engaged in the power of the work we do with children who have experienced trauma and buy into the idea that listening to children's stories and telling them stories of your own can sometimes be the most effective medicine. Pam rocked it!


- Lauren G.