An Inspiring Afternoon at Reel Lives Film Screening

On Saturday one of my students, Daija and I went to the premiere screening of 10 student made films. We had been invited by the organization Reel Lives who train young people how to make films.

I was impressed with how professional, important and yet so personal all of these stories were. Nabila Eltantawy told her story of being gay and Muslim. We met some of her friends and she interviewed her father who had a really hard time accepting his daughter’s sexuality.

Daija found inspiration in the film made by Guadalupe Ambrosio who made a very personal film as well. She has struggled with accepting herself and her body throughout her life, but making this film has been a journey for her, and after all she has accepted how she looks.

Great demonstrations of the power of storytelling combined with documentary filmmaking.

- Anni, Video for Change Workshop Leader

After the screenings there was a small Q&A