Story Power Camp: Reflections 8/1-8/4

As the LitWorld interns were sharing our reflections during our weekly staff meeting, it was clear that we all found moments during camp this week to recognize progress and growth. We are going to share some highlights that kept us smiling even through the more challenging moments:

Jessie: Today, Isaiah was upset about leaving us for lunch. He forgot his lunch and was worried that no one would want to sit with him. Once we entered the cafeteria, Jeffrey approached Isaiah, put his hand on Isaiah's shoulder, and very sweetly asked Isaiah to sit with him. I was so impressed by this kind gesture. It is so important to recognize when others are down and take initiative to cheer them up.

Emily C:  Every morning we gather together as one group to sing songs and play a big game.  I introduced "A Roosta Sha", a song that a British camp counselor taught me when I was ten.  The kids love the song (especially the younger ones) and I can't help but laugh every time they shout out the silly words in British accents.

Cathleen: Today Wayde, who normally does not like to sit on the floor during read aloud, and chooses to put his head down instead, was one of the first sitting down and ready for the story.  To add to my surprise, Wayne was sitting right next to him, the same Wayne he was having the most epic battle with last week.  They left the room at the end of the day playing the “Tarzan the Monkey Man” hand game.  In another little flicker of awesomeness, Henry and Ekatherine were thoroughly engrossed in a “Wonder Woman” book, which they took turns reading aloud together!

Nicolee: The highlights of my week were the positive changes in behavior I’ve noticed in the kids since the beginning of camp. I’ve seen the children acting kinder to one another, an attitude which seems to be catching on all over camp. Earlier this week, Jeffrey saw that Jaiden was upset because there were no more Spiderman books for him to read. Not only did Jeffrey find a Spiderman book for Jaiden, but he even suggested that they read together! I was thrilled to see this act of friendship reflected in Jaiden today when he saw Isaiah looking upset and offered his support by starting up a friendly conversation. Kindness is contagious at Story Power Camp!