A Trip to the Local Library

Koidu town has finally got it’s own public library. Most of the books are donated and the quality of storybooks might not be overwhelming, but they have a great children’s section and the women I work with can only read children’s books anyway.

The only problem is that it cost money to become a member, and even though it is only around 3 dollars for a yearly membership a lot of people in Koidu never have a chance to pay the fee. Most families have to survive for a couple of dollars per day and the average income for teachers, tailors etc. are around 45 dollars per month.

Our tailors know how to read simple words and some of them can read basic children’s books as well, so I decided to let our project pay for the library membership fee so they have a place to study and practice reading and writing when we are going back to Denmark in a few months. It ended up being an exciting field trip and we will definitely go there a few more times to read before we leave.

Mariatu reads "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus"

On our way to the library. (from left: Mariatu, Naomi, Anni, Fatmata M., Fatamata K. and Hawa G.B.)