LitClubs Launch at Project Pearls in Ulingan City, Philippines!


This past weekend, I returned to the Project Pearls site in Ulingan City. This time, it was to help initiate the two new LitClubs that has begun there. There is now a Girls Litclub and a Boys Litclub in collaboration with Project Pearls, an organization that works with youth in a place called Smokey Mountain, the site of the largest rubbish dump in Manila.

Despite the harsh living environment, Project Pearls has created a positive space for young people. Their youth volunteers are inspiring- young, bright, and dedicated to creating better futures for the children there. They are a breath of fresh air, dedicated and committed to the youth of Ulingan City, returning every single week to do reading exercises, distribute food, and now, lead the LitClubs. Their youth volunteers are those who will lead the LitClubs,  as they are known mentors for the youth. Below is Karen, Project Pearls' Girls LitClub facilitator:

We at LitWorld look forward to seeing the LitClubs grow and thrive and Project Pearls. Their commitment and dedication to the Ulingan City community inspires us!

Submitted by our LitCorps Ambassador in the Philippines, Ruby