Books and Wheelbarrows (Day 3)

Wamae took Jen and me to see some giraffes and elephants in the morning today, and we bought a great basket by the side of the road to hold some of the dress-ups (the rest will be out on low hooks) in the library, and then we headed over to Red Rose, where Sunday is LitClub day!


When we first arrived, the kids who were there early were helping the Children of Kibera staff moving a bunch of books from the back room of the office, where they were hard to get to, over to the new space. They were all working together, passing books out to a wheelbarrow on one end and from the wheelbarrow into the new library on the other end. 


All the clubs meet at overlapping times, and Jen was busy with focus groups for her research, so I worked with the facilitators and jumped between all the different clubs. We did some brainstorming and writing about ideas of things they would like to have in the new space, from cubbies or pockets for their stuff, to singing and dancing groups, to interesting storybooks and computers, and then they drew pictures of things they'd like to see in the mural they'll all be working on with Madison!


Tomorrow I'll be sorting through the jumbled books that were just moved, to integrate them with the new library (the one Pam and Denise made) and put it all in a bit of order so the library will be more browsable, and working with Jeff on final decisions on paint colors, curtains, floor mats, furniture, etc, before and after several hours with the Power Women in the middle of the day.


Jen and I are going to head to bed on the early end tonight so we don't burn ourselves out, but I will be back with more updates soon!