Day 1 in Port-au-Prince: A Country in Transition

LitWorld's Executive Director, Pam Allyn, and Creative Director, Dorothy Lee, are visiting LitWorld's Innovation Hub in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Dorothy is keeping our LitWorld community connected and close to the work happening in Haiti with daily reports from the field.

"We were welcomed into the Port au Prince airport by live traditional music. You immediately feel how hard the country is working to create a culture of tourism here. After getting set with our wonderful driver Armand and meeting up with the vibrant Nadine, Director of the Toya Foundation for Girls' Leadership, we went to visit a LitClub.

This LitClub is being run at a community center. The two leaders were beaming and seem like a great match. There were non-LitClub children around as well, and they got looped into our games and read aloud. The children were dear and smart, engaging and full of love, and Where the Wild Things Are / Max et les Maximonstres was a big hit.

We met Dominique here for dinner. She shared stories of her life, and of creating The Children of Haiti Project, and we had an in-depth conversation about the design, monitoring and evaluation tool we are piloting in Kibera, and how it will feed into the LitClubs she will be running.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to visiting our hub space and working closely with the TOYA group during LitWorld training sessions."

--Dorothy Lee