Meet the Philippines LitCamp Leadership Team!

Our inaugral Philippines LitCamp launches next week at the LitWorld Innovation Hub in Manila, the Philippines. 

Our Global Community Builder, Madison Graboyes, and our Innovation Developer, Yaya Yuan, have carefully built a dynamic leadership team and we are thrilled to introduce these individuals who will create a vibrant and transformational literacy experience for the children of the Bulacan community.


Eliza Blum

Eliza is a Spanish/Women's and Gender Studies major at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio and is a former LitWorld summer intern. In 2012 she worked at the Broadway Housing Communities LitCamp in Harlem, and this year she was integral in training the volunteers of Otra Cosa in Huanchaco, Peru to launch their own Girls LitClub. She is thrilled to be part of the LitCamp team and cannot wait to see firsthand some of the work that LitWorld does abroad.



Danny English

Danny is joining our team from the United Kingdom! He has been working with children around the globe for 15 years and is thrilled to be a part of LitCamp Philippines. An Outdoor Education graduate, Danny spent 10 years working at a US summer camp and currently works on community engagement projects with teenagers and nature engagement projects with young children in his hometown of Liverpool. Danny loves to swim, cycle, run, climb and hike, but when he’s in a more passive mood an acoustic guitar or a good book are sure to keep him happy.




Susannah Rosenfield

Susannah is LitWorld's brilliant spring intern. She hails from Maine but ventured to Kenyon College in Ohio to study Sociology and Anthropology. She helps to lead our LitClubs at the Polo Grounds Community Center and the Broadway Housing Communities. She enjoys listening to podcasts, and pondering the world with furrowed eyebrows and a curious heart. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, preferably outside. (She's from Maine, remember?)