5 Ways to Get Out of Your Reading Slump

We've all gone through reading slumps. Perhaps due to busy schedules that feel too hectic to give our reading lives conscious thought, or because we just can't seem to find texts that resonate and pull us through the pages. However, it is necessary to give yourself the gift of story, and to allow yourself to discover new worlds, to travel to new places and to meet new people. Here are 5 ways to get out of your reading slump.

1. Change up your reading level.

Often we stop reading because we read when we're tired and the books we pick up are challenging. We can't advocate enough for the great young adult literature coming out these days, and we find that it rejuvenates our reading lives every time! Some of our favorites are Wonder by R.J. Palacio and One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

2. Take a new genre for a test drive.

Try infusing your life with more news sites and magazines or short essays and short stories. Sometimes we need to feel like we are reading things all the way through to build up momentum with the satisfaction of getting through several pieces of inspiring reading in a day, or in a week, so don't forget to engage with these important genres. We don't need to always be reading huge novels or non-fiction tombes. However, if you're sick of novels but love a long read, maybe one of those non-fiction tombes is the way to go, or consider picking up the memoir of a public figure you admire or have always been curious to learn more about.

3. Switch locations.

If you keep falling asleep reading in bed, you are building up an association of falling asleep while reading. Try reading in a different room, or take reading outside where you won't have old habits to fall into. 

4. Catch up old friends.

Read an old favorite. Rereading is awesome. For children, rereading is a wonderful way to build fluency and stamina. For adults rereading old classics (we love the Frog and Toad series by Arnold Lobel) is a chance for reflection, to revel in new discoveries and nuances that are uniquely revealed during a reread.

5. Set a goal.

Set goals of increasing reading minutes each week over a period of time, or getting to a certain number of reading minutes within a month. (We love the 7 minute challenge!) Set goals with a buddy and keep one another accountable.