Night April 1: A Great First Day!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed a line so far, we can't wait to see the words yet to come throughout this great Month of Poetry...

I send my words out into the air, listening for yours from everywhere.

I hear your heart with ancient beat. Your soaring mind your sprinting feet. Come with me to dreams uncharted. End your sadness Hope has started.

Your laughter fills my heart as the stars explode and our eyes connect, forever, from the first glimpse to the last breath.

Framed together in the same time and space, I reach towards a friendly embrace.

I want to catch your words Hold them in my hands Help you mold the change Our voice can build

Capture them in my heart, becomes knowledge that I impart to the young and old around...

Some will fall through fingertips. Some will land in hearts.

I hear your cries. I feel your dispair. I send my prayers to show I care.

I send my thoughts out from my heart A little step, but it's a start

Hoping these syllables connect hearts and minds in a singular prayer

I raise my voice in poetry to share the gift of literacy

Other words glide Upon the wings Of pure verses To wed themselves To your words

Worlds of stories, blooming around us!

Knowing that together we can make Our wonderful world a far better place

Words are like waves, traveling far and wide, they can lift your spirit, give you joy, a sense of pride.

Our words will connect us in so many ways and make the world a more peaceful place today.

Speak one word, one-thousand echoes

On currents, on wings, on prayers, in flight I send you my love with all my might.

I send these words in hope for peace. My fears and envy to release.

Wind carries your expressions back to me, lovely sounds echoing in our world's belfry.

For when I listen - you know I care...

These words essential as a breath, unite our souls, bring us true wealth.

A word said is a promise

With words we build proud members of the peace guild with words we break lets dialogue to remake with words you excoriate so lets make the world a better and safer place for all, lest we fall of the glory of Lord

Listening while hearing with the heart; we cannot make change if we don't all take a part

My soul vibrating with tender compassion for those hidden, yearning for simple beauty and truth.

I hear echoes that bounce from those silenced, what can I do to unbind those who are muted?

The time has come for all to hear Let's get together and banish fear

And our words will grow like a spring bloom reaching for the sun

Our words and stories are rain for blooming spring flowers.