"Let's join our dreams together, linking hands across the world."

Tell me what you care about, ask me who I am

Tell me where the future lies, look into our hands

You are the inspiration, to a world so in need of you,

Fascinate them with expressions of wondrous words anew.


Tell me of your passion, tell me of your heart

Tell me what you'll share, tell me what's your part

Show me where you're going, show me how you'll fly

Show me where you're heading you can do it if you try.


Dreams of helping others? Reaching out your hand?

Dreams of building bridges? Help me understand.

Tell me what you're doing, tell me what you see

Tell me what you're living, tell me what you need.


Speak out loud for all to hear, so those who will listen can set free their fear.

We all live here on Earth together

With arms outstretched, reach for the bright star above.

Together we will find a way; together we will reach the stars


Tell me your dreams, and tell me your sorrows

Tell me why you're crying, tell me why you fear

Tell me why you're hating, tell me why you cheer

I miss my grandmother's blue, blue eyes.

I wish for the magic in her eyes to stay with me and our children and their children, always.


I’m missing those who’ve gone from me, though they feel so near

I’m missing doing lots of things when I live in fear

I’m dreaming of a better world where what we do is care

I’m dreaming of a fairer place where everyone will share


Live using your senses

Guard the memories

Find the speck of dust

Transform our Universe


I'll tell you what I'm thinking, tell you what I miss

Tell me how you're feeling, be it pain or bliss

Let me hear your secret, I promise not to tell

Tell me what you're hoping, tell me what exists.


Tell me about that sleepy smile that rests on your face at night

Tell me of your heart that soars as you watch your dreams take flight

Find someone to whisper it, tell it soft and low

Let the world lean on in and let the dreaming go


Ask me why I'm helping, ask me why I care.

Ask me why I'm watching, ask me why I stare.

Tell me all your secrets, all your little lies

Tell me why you're different and what you have inside


Tell me of your wings, tell me what you've hoped

Tell me where have you been, tell me where you’ll go

I’m thinking that doing just a little can mean an awful lot

I’m thinking we have to realise just how much we’ve got

Tell me what you're reaching, tell me how you dare

Tell me what you're feeling, tell me how you care

I’m wishing for all those I love to live in peace and health

I’m wishing this far more than wishing on them wealth


I had a dream, the world would be a team with peace and love for all

If only the world could be a better place for all

Irrespective of color, race or creed

Indeed put an end to greed


Your words are like a heart-made gift

That bring me to the world you live

Share with me what's in your heart, trust me to understand

Open to me your heart’s content and I’ll show you too what’s mine



We’ll call for all the other people

Until the world will have a heart that beats as one.

I wish for global understanding and dream

That the love of reading will reach every boy and girl on earth


Listen to your friends, listen to their words

Listen to others, listen to chirpings of birds

Time be my friend, age be my strength

Allow moments to endure


Tell me what you're seeking, tell me what you need,

Unfurl the buds of your dreams and you might

End up seeing the world in a whole different light

Equality for all in our world.


Oh tell me with a metaphor

Please tell me in rhyme,

Tell me with a parable

Take your precious time.


Tell me what you're made of, tell me what you know

Tell me where your path lies, tell me where you'll go

Believe we can be someone the world would be happy to see

Believe we will grow in freedom the world with you and me

Tell me what you’re wanting to be heard, tell me how to hear

Tell me, together we can change, tell me when and now,

Tell me to think green, tell me and show me how.

Let the sound of children's laughter add years to our lives


Tell me you're believing in a dream not yet realized

Do you see beauty, do you see light?

Do your dreams take you on journeys each night?

I'm dreaming of a peaceful life and a world in which there is no strife.


I will always listen, I will always care.

You can always trust, that someone will be there.

Show me your experience, even just a jist

Show me your writing, it's a path to bliss


Tell me about everything, tell me what you want to say.

There’s a world out there waiting for all of us, a world wanting to be discovered.

I dream that every boy and girl had parents who leaned into learning

I wish that when they faced the wind, the leaning would give strength to the yearning

Tell me all about you, tell me your history.

Each one of us has a past,

And will have a bright future.

Anything is possible, listen to your heart.


I'll tell you what I'm thinking: I'm tired of all this strife

Right/left, pro/con, fear of change in this life

One of us is all of us; I am because you are.


Tell me what you're reading, tell me what you aim

Tell me what you're preaching, tell me what you do

Let equal opportunities prevail

To sustain this change; our wish, our desire!


Tell me, in the darkest of nights, tell me what you're seeing,

On the furthest shores, tell me what your vision was

I dream of a world with green leaves and blue moons


Pursue your dream, believe in life - share happiness instead of strife.

Let not the will of others cloud the choice you make.

Let love guide your actions; never spite never hate.

Your heart can hold more love than a tornado can stand


 Tell me what you're seeing; tell me what you learn

Tell me what you're missing; tell me what you yearn

Tell me how your day has been, in 20 words or less.

Great thanks, this poem is the BEST.


Tell me about future, just as real as all this!

Make your heart a seed, and this is just the start,

Make your heart the seed and watch new trees grow.

I wish for no poverty; it's so very snotty.

The end of the story is never the end of the story


A world full of knowledge, wonder and excitement,

With friendships abound, and amazing enticement

Tell me where this world is going, tell me where it lies

So tell me that you're up for change, that you want to raise the bar.


Young boys, young girls, put out all the stops, win your battle

Learn to love reading for it will help you end your struggle

Get off to a good start when speaking what’s on your mind

You’ll go places someday. Get laud! LitWorld is just behind.


You and I may be far apart

But through our poem, heart-to-heart


We miss the days of dreaming, lying in a field

Those simple days of reading, when time was slow or still

Have you dreamed of traveling to places far away?

Have questions kept you up at night with fear no words can say?


I tell you my heart aches, longing for you

Longing for the time being with you

What I'm thinking, I never know cause my

Mind can never focus on one thing

What I miss is my family!

Being the castaway gives me the

homesick feeling everyday

Your presence is what I miss; you're special, you’re unique


Sadness is a disease, happiness is the cure

Joy is like an angel, always clean and pure

Always be sure, always be kind

Think what you want and your heart will be pure.

What I dream is beyond me, my imagination is wide

Which takes me on plenty of rollercoaster rides

That make me sweat when I wake

REACH for your DREAM.... it's never too late


Tell me what you long for, tell me what you know.

Tell me where you've traveled, tell me where you'll go.

Share your deepest yearning, the places you have seen

I am dreaming of wonderful wishes for the children of the world.


Don't ever say NO! Always say YES!

Don't be afraid to dream, don't be afraid to guess 

Something that I dream of, something that I wish

Is to be a super star and have a jacket that goes swish, swish.

I also like the lights, camera action

I would love to be a superstar, I wish, I wish, I wish


I am thinking about love, happiness and someone special

They’ve been in my head the whole day, I can’t get them out.

I miss that person and I dream with them every night.

I wish they would be with me forever, right by my side.


I wish that I could graduate from the grades I have left and college

Then have a really successful life and live every second of my life.

I wish that I made it in the MLB, or a football or basketball team.

I wish I will pass and get an education, I wish I was rich and cool.


I’m thinking to be in the MLB

I am missing my mother when I am in school

I was dreaming about my dad playing baseball

I wish I could be in the MLB


Tell me what you love, tell me what you know.

Tell me what you need, tell me what you feel

Tell me what’s the deal, tell me if its real.

Tell me what excites you, tell me.


What I think is telling me what I had missing

What I dream is my memory.

What I wish isn’t important to my thoughts or my dream


Tell me what has changed, tell me all your pains

Tell me this is a dream, tell me what it seems.

Tell me what you got, tell me what you like to do.

Tell me what’s right and I’ll tell you what’s wrong.


I am thinking about basketball

I wish that school was over

I am dreaming about fun

I miss my granddad.


I see the darkness under your skin

Ready to jump and see your pain

I see you when you’re crying so I give you my heart

And I take you tears and turn them into kisses


I see you act like something you’re not.

But the people you act for will not be there forever

So rip it out and show them your wings,

Yes, baby fly away.


So I may say “I can’t see you”

But I miss you. I can’t hug you.

But I love you so make me happy

And fly like my beautiful dove.

It hurts to be away from my sweet baby girl,

I miss her dearly,

I wish mothers could stay home longer with newly born children,

I dream of her smiling when I come home.


I think about and miss my grandfather,

Along with dreaming and wishing he was still by my side.

I'm thinking of a perfect world, I'm missing my grandpa

I'm not dreaming I'm doing, I'm wishing for a happy life.


Thinking how life is stressful, missing my loving grandma.

Dreaming of the near future, Wishing for an easy way out.

How's vacation, grandma? Wish I came. I'm thinking about your call.

Call soon. Dreaming about your return. I miss you.


Tell me what you're thinking, is it love, I fear?

Tell me what you miss, is it my voice, you hear?

I’m thinking, missing, dreaming, wishing for my heart that has disappeared.

Will you find it and give it back ASAP?

When you sleep, when you dream, do I cross your thoughts?

I dream of you, I wish, wish that you would

Would just say that, that you love me too!

Now tell me what you miss, for a longer relationship we should of fought.


I'm thinking about then, missing what was there

I'm dreaming of him, I wish that it was fair

I wish I could stop myself from dreaming and thinking

About how much I miss your smile and laughter.


Tell me all your strengths, tell me all your fears

Tell me how you feel after all these years

I’m thinking of racing down the road

Thinking of that day again, missing that

Please rewind


Tell me your desire, tell me what’s next

Tell me no lies, show me no hate

I can tell you're far away, I see it in your eyes

Dreaming you were with me, wishing you were my love.


I'm thinking about my future

And I’m missing my past,

I'm dreaming of fantasies

And I’m wishing they would last.


I wish every baby a kind and loving home,

Clean food and water, and lots of room to roam.

I wish children's real needs were met,

Not left for angry gods and governments to forget.


Tell me what you’re doing, tell me what you wish

I am dreaming to change the world

I am wishing for world peace that is what I need

I'm dreaming to end world hunger.


Tell me what you’re doing, tell me what you do

Tell me what you need, tell me what you know

Tell what you achieve, tell me your wishes

What I wish is world peace, if it comes true I'll be happy


I wish that I were rich, I wish to sing

To be a baseball player playing at the Yankee Stadium

I am thinking to be a soccer player not a mayor.

I am thinking to be the best soccer player or be in a good team and win.


Tell me what you like, tell me what you miss

Tell me what you wish, tell me what you want to achieve

Tell me what you love, tell me what you want

Tell me what you’re doing, tell me what you write


Tell me what you’re wanting , tell me what you get

Tell me what you need, tell me what you have

Tell me what you love, tell me what you do always

Tell me what you’re reading, tell me what you understand

Tell me what you wish, tell me what you need


Tell me what you’re singing, tell me what you hope

Tell me what you’re wishing, tell me what you want

Tell me what you’re enjoying, tell me you like

Tell me what you’re saying, tell me what you pray


Tell me what you have, tell me why you like life

Tell me what you like doing, tell me how you feel,

Tell me if you hurt, tell me what it feels like to be loved


Tell me what you like, tell me how you feel

Tell me who you love, tell me why you hate

Tell what you like doing, tell me what you do.

Tell me what you want to be, tell me where you’d like to travel


I am thinking that every person should be educated equally

I miss my sister because it has passed 1 year before seeing her

I am dreaming that one day I will achieve my dreams.

I wish that one day the world changes to a wonderful one.


Tell me what you like, tell me what you hate.

Tell me what you feel, tell me who you love.

Tell me what you read, tell me why you like being a girl

Tell me what you like doing, tell me what you’ll be when you grow up


I am thinking of how to improve on my studies and talent

I miss visiting my aunt who is in Sudan

I am dreaming of becoming someone important in life

I wish to be a good parent in the future


Tell me what you are, tell me what you like.

Tell me what you do, tell me what you enjoy

Another day of sunshine, another day of light

Another day to kiss the world, and keep on making it bright!

If you think a thought, think it with all your might

If you dream a dream, we hope it will come true.


Tell me what you're thinking, tell me what you know

Tell me what's your passion, tell me what you hope for

Children at my knee, jubilant stories flow

Adults seeing eye to eye, seeking truth to grow

Tell me what you need, tell me what you want.

Maybe I can grant your wish, so you won't need much more.

Tell me what you hope, tell me what you need,

And I will be there as a good deed.

Tell me what you're learning, just give me a clue.

Tell me what changes you can make, today and tomorrow too.

Tell me if you're happy, tell me if you're sad.

Tell me if you're annoyed, tell me if you're glad!

Tell me what you're feeling, tell me what you ponder.

Tell me what you’re reading, tell me what you wonder.

Tell me why there's hate, cause I think hate is wrong.

Why should we debate, instead we should write a song.


Tell me what you love, tell me that you care

I hope you find your way around this world,

You can make a change if you want to.

Help others, and they can be like you.

Tell me what you're feeling, tell me what you see.

Tell what you're dreaming so you can be want you want to be.

I see my students graduating. I wish them the best.

I dream of them caring, I think they will pass the test


Tell me what you're reading, tell me what you love to do

And maybe we can all be friends too.

A friendship has gotten me thinking, it's my friend I dearly miss

Memories with meaning, true friendships for others I wish


Be free like a butterfly, fly like a bird

Tell the whole world what you have heard

I am thinking that I miss seeing crystal clear, clean waterways.

I am dreaming of safe and clean streams where the butterfly plays!


Tell me what you've witnessed, tell me what you live

Tell me how to make the dreams, the hopes, the maybes of your life

A simple smile on your face makes my world a better place

but when you frown, my feelings go down


Is the whistling wind, calling out for you,

Does the ocean hum in Green instead of Blue?

Ask me what colors does my day to day provide.

Ask me how I use this paint to dream of other sides.


Tell me what you're hoping, tell me what you list

A single voice of love to spread across the wondrous world

A friend, a laugh, a choice, for every boy and girl

Remember, remember, remember how love feels!


In the coolness of the morning or the brightest light of day,

What stories are you building, what poems will you play

I'm wishing for a better world, for the children of tomorrow

I'm dreaming of a worldwide peace so there will be no sorrow

Tell me how to feel it, tell me how to be

Tell me what to do, show me how to see

If we take time to stop, look and listen to one another,

Understanding would grow for each sister and brother.


Tell me what you're pondering, tell me what you feel.

Tell me when you're feeling down so I can raise that frown.

Uncharted territory, leading to a safe harbor

The light will guide the way.

Tell me what you need; tell me is it this?

The world is too big for anything to be missed.

When your world feels too much to bear,

Pick up a book and steal away.


Tell me how to help, tell me what you need.

Tell me how to be there, tell me how to set you free.

Tell me who you love, tell me what you hear,

Tell me that you miss me, and I'm sure I'll be there

I am thinking of life and all of its cool bliss,

I miss my old home in Texas,

I'm dreaming of the stars that bring life and death,

I won't tell you my wish because that's a secret

Tell me what your name is, tell me what you do

Tell me what you need, tell me what you want,

Ask me if you need anything, you’re the one that needs me,

Tell me that you need me, I'll help you to get what you need.

Tell me if you remember, tell me if you care.

Tell me if I'm crazy, tell me if you're really there.

Your smile changed me and I want you to be right by my side.

If you are not right by my side, I will cry forever

Tell me where you're going, maybe you'll make it.

Tell me how you feel, tell me what's the deal.

Tell me what you want, tell me where you've been

Tell me if you're okay, tell me what you're doing


Tell me what you're imagining, tell me what you see.

Tell me what you're living for, tell me what to be.

I'll tell you what you're missing, if you tell me what you hate.

I'll tell you what you can do, if you tell your wish and fate.


Speak of what you're grieving, speak of what you miss

Speak of what you're deceiving, speak of what you wish

I'm thinking of the bad and good, that is what I miss.

I'm dreaming about the good, and that's what I wish.

Tell me what you're seeing, tell me what you don't.

Tell me what you're saying, I'll tell you what I won't.

Tell me what you need, so go ahead tell me.

Tell me what you want, and I will have it be.

Tell me where you're going, tell me what you see.

Tell me all your memories, tell me if you believe,

This insane story, of love and tragedy;

The story of you and me.

Tell me about everything, forgetting is a sin.

Don't tell me you can't, tell me you that can.

Tell me what you're dreaming, tell me what you see?

A world of wonders, just right in your sleep

Explain how you are feeling, explain what's in your heart

Explain how life is, but don't explain too much

I've been thinking, I've been dreaming, that I can be what you miss.

That I can be your last kiss, can't you see that's my only wish.

Tell me what you're doing, tell me what you did.

Tell me where you're going, tell me where you've been.

But if live was as simple as this poem, we did.


Tell me what you're feeling, tell me "how's your day?"

Tell me how to make the world, a better place to stay.

I'm thinking what comes next, I'm missing yesterday.

I'm dreaming of tommorow, and wish of a new day


Show me your emotions, show me what you feel.

Show me your devotion, show me that you're real.

Teach me your voice, teach me what you will

Teach me about your choice, teach me about your skill.

Tell me all your secrets, tell me your desire.

What do you regret? What do you admire?

Listen to my story, listen to my life.

Take me to the blind story, with a single bladed knife.

I'm thinking that I love you, you're the one I miss.

I'm dreaming of that moment, when we share our first kiss.

Tell me what you're chasin, tell me what you want.

Tell me what you're looking for, that maybe I have found.

Let's join our dreams together, linking hands across the world.

Let's give all children everywhere the chance to learn to read.

There’s magic sparkling everywhere that children’s fists are curled

Around a story – theirs or yours or mine – the soul to feed.


I dream that we will understand

The need to hold each other's hand,

To spread the wealth and share the love

To live for those here, not what might be above.