"Listen to your friends, listen to their words" The Global Poem for Change is Growing

Tell me what you care about, ask me who I am

Tell me where the future lies, look into our hands

You are the inspiration, to a world so in need of you,

Fascinate them with expressions of wondrous words anew.


Tell me of your passion, tell me of your heart

Tell me what you'll share, tell me what's your part

Show me where you're going, show me how you'll fly

Show me where you're heading you can do it if you try.


Dreams of helping others? Reaching out your hand?

Dreams of building bridges? Help me understand.

Tell me what you're doing, tell me what you see

Tell me what you're living, tell me what you need.


Speak out loud for all to hear, so those who will listen can set free their fear.

We all live here on Earth together

With arms outstretched, reach for the bright star above.

Together we will find a way; together we will reach the stars


Tell me your dreams, and tell me your sorrows

Tell me why you're crying, tell me why you fear

Tell me why you're hating, tell me why you cheer

I miss my grandmother's blue, blue eyes. I wish for the magic in her eyes to stay with me and our children

and their children, always.


I’m missing those who’ve gone from me, though they feel so near

I’m missing doing lots of things when I live in fear

I’m dreaming of a better world where what we do is care

I’m dreaming of a fairer place where everyone will share


Live using your senses

Guard the memories

Find the speck of dust

Transform our Universe


I'll tell you what I'm thinking, tell you what I miss

Tell me how you're feeling, be it pain or bliss

Let me hear your secret, I promise not to tell

Tell me what you're hoping, tell me what exists.


Tell me about that sleepy smile that rests on your face at night

Tell me of your heart that soars as you watch your dreams take flight

Find someone to whisper it, tell it soft and low

Let the world lean on in and let the dreaming go


Ask me why I'm helping, ask me why I care.

Ask me why I'm watching, ask me why I stare.

Tell me all your secrets, all your little lies

Tell me why you're different and what you have inside


Tell me of your wings, tell me what you've hoped

Tell me where have you been, tell me where you’ll go

I’m thinking that doing just a little can mean an awful lot

I’m thinking we have to realise just how much we’ve got

Tell me what you're reaching, tell me how you dare

Tell me what you're feeling, tell me how you care

I’m wishing for all those I love to live in peace and health

I’m wishing this far more than wishing on them wealth


I had a dream, the world would be a team with peace and love for all

If only the world could be a better place for all

Irrespective of color, race or creed

Indeed put an end to greed


Your words are like a heart-made gift

That bring me to the world you live

Share with me what's in your heart, trust me to understand

Open to me your heart’s content and I’ll show you too what’s mine


We’ll call for all the other people

Until the world will have a heart that beats as one.

I wish for global understanding and dream

That the love of reading will reach every boy and girl on earth


Listen to your friends, listen to their words

Listen to others, listen to chirpings of birds

Time be my friend, age be my strength

Allow moments to endure


Tell me what you're seeking, tell me what you need,

Unfurl the buds of your dreams and you might

End up seeing the world in a whole different light

Equality for all in our world.


Oh tell me with a metaphor

Please tell me in rhyme,

Tell me with a parable

Take your precious time.


Tell me what you're made of, tell me what you know

Tell me where your path lies, tell me where you'll go

Believe we can be someone the world would be happy to see

Believe we will grow in freedom, the world with you and me