The Rukmini Foundation Standing Up for Girls in Pharping, Nepal

It was an honor to be part of the great Stand Up for Girls movement. The reach of LitWorld is truly inspiring. The girls in Nepal had a great time creating posters and sharing their message, and were very passionate about what they stood up for.

Our foundation's program manager, Nabin discussed the Stand Up For Girls movement with the students and asked the girls to brainstorm ideas.

Each student thought about what they believed in and what they thought was lacking in society.

The girls created posters with their message in both Nepali and English.

Stand Up for Girls on 10.11.12 coincided with our special Anniversary Event, where our Honorary Chairwoman Laxmi Aryal handed out the eBook readers to the students!

We will go forward and continue to make this a better world for girls through education every day.

--Submitted by our outstanding Stand Up for Girls Partners, The Rukmini Foundation. To learn more about their inspiring work, visit