Stand Up for Girls TODAY: We Are Each Other's Strength

 Today is the International Day of the Girl. Wherever you are, rally the community that surrounds you to Stand Up for every girl's right to share and to speak her story. LitWorld's Executive Director, Pam Allyn, shares the urgency of spreading literacy to all girls in her latest blog for the Huffington Post. 

"Today is the International Day of the Girl. I want you to stand up at noon for every girl's right to tell her story. It sounds like a simple thing -- to stand up at noon. The action itself may be simple, but the statement and the intention behind the action is profound.

Literacy transforms lives and levels the playing field for girls. No matter where in the world she lives, every girl is born with the most powerful tool imaginable to write her own future: her stories.

My organization, LitWorld, runs Girls LitClubs around the world, so that girls everywhere can belong to a safe community of stories. With the guidance of trusted mentors and friends, and access to books and technology, LitClubs show girls how to become the author of their own lives."

Click here to read the full piece on the Huffington Post.