Spreading Kindness Through Kisumu on October 11th

As we were planning our Golden Girls Foundation Stand Up for Girls celebration, we had a group discussion during a LitClub meeting to ask the girls how they wanted to mark this special day. The girls wanted to collect clothes, shoes, sanitary supplies and other articles of clothing to distribute to other girls in the community who do not have access to these items. After this plan was in place, the LitClubs run by the Golden Girls Foundation set to work. We placed collection boxes around the community and labelled them, “Stand Up Goody Drop Off Points."

On October 11th, the Golden Girls Foundation joined the rest of the world in standing up for girls. We started the day checking in and talking with the LitClub girls. We had some guest visitors – female leaders from our community – visit to lead mentorship sessions with the girls. At noon we all stood up, joining and adding to the worldwide thunderclap for the women who positively influence our lives.

Then it was time to distribute the clothing and household items we had been collecting at our drop off points around the community. When we launched this initiative, we weren’t sure how many donations we would receive. We were so excited to see that the boxes were actually overflowing!

After distributing the Stand Up goodies we reconvened for snacks and games. There were no age limits for the games, we were joined by the girls’ mothers as well as the boys from our community. I wish to earnestly thank all those who joined us for the day’s events, and all who generously placed items in our collection boxes. This movement of kindness and commitment to the girls of our community and our world will carry on long after October 11th.

--Submitted by Golda, Kisumu Regional Coordinator