I Stand Up for Hadly

The girl who inspires me is my daughter Hadly. Years ago, when she was 8 years old she knew how to ride a bike, but was attempting to learn how to make skid marks in our driveway. It was not easy for her as it is often the case when she is learning any new skill, they just don't come easy for her. But she was determined, and as parents we were watching with jitters, praying that she would not get too hurt. We knew it was important to her, and that she was willing to take the chance. So we watched fall after fall, and after each she just got up, wiped her hands and knees, said "I'm fine" and tried again and again.  I am so moved by her spirit of confidence, that she felt so capable.  This image is ingrained in my memory as a reminder of her resilience when faced with any challenge. And for that I love her more deeply. Her indomitable spirit and strong sense of self inspire me daily.  I stand up for Hadly.

--Jeff DaPuzzo, Litworld Board Member

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