Join the Global Literacy Rally via Social Media!


Because World Read Aloud Day is an international occasion, we encourage our friends from all over the world to stand up for literacy by joining us in a Global Literacy Rally through Social Media. We at LitWorld recognize the importance that technology plays in connecting us with our brothers and sisters throughout the globe, and sites like Facebook and Twitter has made it possible for us be linked instantly.

Here are some ways you can join the Global Literacy Rally from here on out until March 9th, 2011:

1.) If you have a website or blog, you can put up the WRAD logo (on post below) on your blog or website's sidebar as a badge until March 9th, with the image linking back to our WRAD page.

2.) Change your avatars on Facebook to the WRAD logo/image anytime between now or the week before or during WRAD.

3.) On March 9th, 2011, update your Facebook or Twitter status to answer the question, "What would you miss most if you could not read or write?", and make sure to tag/link LitWorld during the post.
                * For Facebook, can use @litworld to tag and follow us
                * For Twitter, use @litworldsays to tag & follow us, then use hashtag #litworld

4.) Tag/link LitWorld when posting up any status updates on Twitter and Facebook about anything you are doing for the day of WRAD) (ie., how many minutes you have read, what readings and activities you are doing, etc.)


Thank you so much, and we hope to see you joining us on World Read Aloud Day, no matter what part of the world you are in!