Thank You to our Ambassador Julia Lynch for your Wonderful Outreach in New Jersey and Beyond!!!

World Read Aloud Day is almost here!  In less than two weeks, we’ll be accomplishing our mission, minute by minute: reading for 774 million minutes to represent the 774 million people worldwide who are unable to read.

As I reach out to local schools, libraries, and organizations around the country regarding World Read Aloud Day, it’s interesting to see how they each interpret the meaning of the day in different ways.  Some have planned gatherings involving hundreds of people, while others are participating on a smaller scale: within a classroom, a library, or a home.  Yet, truisms don’t apply to this day, a singular event where bigger is not better.  Here’s a sampling of how World Read Aloud Day participants plan to celebrate the event.

Reynolds School, a K-2 elementary school in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, has embraced the global literacy rally in a big way.  In anticipation of World Read Aloud Day, WRAD posters will be displayed in classrooms, hallways, and the library.  On March 9th, Reynolds is hosting a school wide assembly dedicated to literacy, complete with a reading from their principal. Furthermore, each class will be visited by a special guest who will read aloud to them.  All books that are read aloud during the day will be tallied and charted in the library for all to see!

Oakland Literacy Coalition is a non-profit in Oakland, California dedicated to cultivating “reading, writing, and communication” within Oakland schools.  They are excited about participating in an event so closely aligned with the values of their own organization and have spread World Read Aloud Day to various Oakland schools.  So far, the Brookfield Elementary School after-school program is slated to participate.

Akilah Byrd, a reading teacher at Alliance Academy Middle School in Oakland, California, is celebrating World Read Aloud Day by completing two WRAD activities and the reading tally with her students.

Joan Kenney, a librarian at Betsy Ross and George Washington Elementary Schools in Mahwah, New Jersey, plans to participate in World Read Aloud Day by having her students read a poem together when they attend library class.

Mahwah Public Library in Mahwah, New Jersey, will combat global literacy by hosting an after-school World Read Aloud Day program for teens.

Teachers at School No. 5, a 1-5 elementary school in Paterson, New Jersey, will choose a particular WRAD activity to complete with their students during class time.

- Julia