Thank You to Crystal Catalan, Our WRAD Ambassador in Baguio, Philippines!


Our Ambassador in Baguio, Philippines, Crystal Catalan, is organizing a great World Read Aloud Day event from her corner of the world! Crystal is living in Baguio serving as a missioner for the Cabrini Mission Corps, and has been doing an amazing job rallying the schools in her local community to participate!

She has spread the World Read Aloud Day message to the Yagyagan Elementary School on the outskirts of Baguio, and put together special packets with LitWorld Material. She has initiated a reading contest, where she will give a prize to the class and/or student who tallies the most amount of minutes reading aloud. She will be collecting the tally sheets on Thursday, March 10th, so from now until March 9th, the classes will be able to read aloud - either at home, or in their classes!

Here's another great message from Crystal:

"In connection with World Read Aloud Day, I will also be providing the classes with some books, which contain short stories, that they may also use as reading material. Our NGO is also looking to conduct a book drive to donate some books to the school's library, which is lacking very much in elementary reading material. In preparation for the upcoming school year, which will start in June, we hope to bulk up their library!

Also, our NGO is a center that facilitates the Alternative Learning System, which provides out-of-school youth with the opportunity to complete modules/lesson plans, take an exam in October, and if the student passes, he/she will receive the equivalence of a high school diploma, and he/she can then enroll into a college or apply to a vocational program. With that being said, there are some students that the facilitator has assigned to me, and we will be reading together next week, to celebrate World Read Aloud Day! Some of these students, though in their teenage years, are at a very basic level of reading and writing, so this will be great practice for them, as well.

Sounds like it's going to be a great event in Baguio, and we're excited to have an Ambassador as wonderful as Crystal to make this happen for the community. To check out her NGO, please visit The Save Our School Children Foundation, Inc. at

Crystal was sent to Baguio by the Cabrini Missions Org: