Thank you to Rabeaa Alnasser, our WRAD Ambassador in Jordan!


Rabeea Alnaser, our Ambassador in Jordan, is the founder of House of Tales & Music Project, which came out of her faith as a mother, teacher, and librarian. As a grandmother, she is now making reading stories a daily habit. After more than 40 years of work in in education and libraries, she has become an expert in Arabic children's books and other translated books. She is the first specialist in children's stories in her country of Jordan. She believes that stories and art are the most important learning keys, and it is her belief that artistic experssion, as well as the discovery of the world's stories and tales, is the approach to be adopted in children's education, upbringing, and the most effective method in creating a loving personality in the child.

Her House of Tales & Music project seeks to create a space of freedom filled with enjoyment, discovering, meditation, experimentation, and a method for discovering new meanings of life. Its a place for children that can express themselves through arts of painting, drama, and hand craft skills.


In partnership with the the German Goethe Institute in Jordan, she will be participating as a storyteller for the World Read Aloud Day program. She will be reading the story of a rabbit overcoming fear. The next activity will be at the House of Tales and Music, and they will celebrate by reading stories and painting with orphans on Friday morning. On Saturday,  there will be another celebration at Majdalawi library with a storyteller from Palestine.

While Rabeaa and the Goethe Institute will be celebrating World Read Aloud Day a few days after our designated day, March 9th, we are happy they are included in our special worldwide celebration! Thank you Rabeaa, Goethe Institue, and House of Tales & Music!