My Favorite Read Aloud Memory: Brooke Stone

To gear up for World Read Aloud Day, each member of the LitWorld team is sharing a favorite read aloud memory. Today, Brooke Stone, LitWorld's Firestarter, shares her special story.

"I was a young and voracious reader, and actually preferred to read to myself as soon as I was able, but my father was committed to continuing our tradition of a bedtime story. One day he brought a new book to me called Mr. Pines Mixed Up Signs by Leonard P. Kessler and Lilian Moore. The story is of a sign painter who has lost his glasses, and ends up confusing the whole town by posting the signs in all the wrong places!

I loved this book immediately because I was a glasses wearing kid, but I loved it even more because my father read it to me with such vivid expression, thought and care. It will also forever serve as my introduction to Yiddish, because in the repeated sentence, "Mr. Pines mixed up signs!" my Dad substituted the Yiddish word “fakakta,” meaning all messed up, saying "Mr. Pines fakakta signs!" over and over! I laughed every single time, and loved saying this new fun word. I am thankful to my dad always, but especially for reminding me how fun it was to read with someone else."