Meet Social Media WRADvocate Colby Sharp!

We are pleased to celebrate our amazing, and hilarious, Social Media WRADvocate, Colby Sharp. Colby is a fourth grade teacher in Battle Creek, Michigan. He blogs at sharpread and helps run the Nerdy Book Club blog.

Colby is taking the World Read Aloud Day blogging challenge, and in doing so giving us great insight into how he became the passionate reader he is today. A few things will happen when you read his blog: You will want to read (or re-read) Hatchet. The joy and love he exudes for reading and learning will make you wish you were a student in his class. Finally, you'll really wish you could see a picture of him sitting on his nightly reading throne, pictured below.

Thank you for bringing us into your reading world, Colby, and thank you for sharing your love for stories with so many children and adults, and in doing so bringing them into the global literacy club.

Stay in touch with this great WRADvocate on twitter, follow @colbysharp.